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Iron - Wikipedia History Of Wagner Cast Iron - The use of cast iron for cookware is centuries old and many of the vintage pieces can still be used today. cast iron Dutch ovens were. Cast-iron cookware is valued for its heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect. I hear the question all the time: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven or even my Griswold skillet? History Of Wagner Cast Iron - The use of cast iron for cookware is centuries old and many of the vintage pieces can still be used today. cast iron Dutch ovens were. Cast-iron cookware is valued for its heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect.

dating wagner cast iron skillet


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They are probably from the period around — Some examples of iron metalloproteins are ferritin and rubredoxin. It might be a different scenario than you think! The Cast Iron Collector: Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Trademarks and logos of U.S. foundries. A blog mostly about caring for and cooking with cast iron cookware. Hey Lara, Sorry to hear about that. I think you got a great deal! Cast iron cookware has been used for centuries (dating as far back as the Han Dynasty in China).

Over time, people have learned that these unique pots, pans, skillets. So let's say you're at the junk yard and an old cast iron skillet catches your eye. According to Nick, one of the first steps is to search for cracks, because you don.

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Generally speaking, molecular dynamics computer simulations of iron melting and shock wave experiments suggest higher melting points and a much steeper slope of the melting curve than static experiments carried out in diamond anvil cells.

This same trend appears for ruthenium but not osmium. Naturally occurring iron consists of four stable isotopes: The nuclide 54 Fe theoretically can undergo double electron capture to 54 Cr, but the process has never been observed and only a lower limit on the half-life of 3.

In the last decade, advances in mass spectrometry have allowed the detection and quantification of minute, naturally occurring variations in the ratios of the stable isotopes of iron. Much of this work is driven by the Earth and planetary science communities, although applications to biological and industrial systems are emerging. In phases of the meteorites Semarkona and Chervony Kut, a correlation between the concentration of 60 Ni, the granddaughter of 60 Fe, and the abundance of the stable iron isotopes provided evidence for the existence of 60 Fe at the time of formation of the Solar System.

Possibly the energy released by the decay of 60 Fe, along with that released by 26 Al , contributed to the remelting and differentiation of asteroids after their formation 4. The abundance of 60 Ni present in extraterrestrial material may bring further insight into the origin and early history of the Solar System. The most abundant iron isotope 56 Fe is of particular interest to nuclear scientists because it represents the most common endpoint of nucleosynthesis.

As such, iron is the most abundant element in the core of red giants , and is the most abundant metal in iron meteorites and in the dense metal cores of planets such as Earth. Although a further tiny energy gain could be extracted by synthesizing 62 Ni , which has a marginally higher binding energy than 56 Fe, conditions in stars are unsuitable for this process. Element production in supernovas and distribution on Earth greatly favor iron over nickel, and in any case, 56 Fe still has a lower mass per nucleon than 62 Ni due to its higher fraction of lighter protons.

In the far future of the universe, assuming that proton decay does not occur, cold fusion occurring via quantum tunnelling would cause the light nuclei in ordinary matter to fuse into 56 Fe nuclei. Fission and alpha-particle emission would then make heavy nuclei decay into iron, converting all stellar-mass objects to cold spheres of pure iron. Metallic or native iron is rarely found on the surface of the Earth because it tends to oxidize, but its oxides are pervasive and represent the primary ores.

Many igneous rocks also contain the sulfide minerals pyrrhotite and pentlandite. Large deposits of iron are found in banded iron formations. These geological formations are a type of rock consisting of repeated thin layers of iron oxides alternating with bands of iron-poor shale and chert.

The mentioned iron compounds have been used as pigment s compare ochre since historical time and contribute as well to the color of various geological formations, e. Significant amounts of iron occur in the iron sulfide mineral pyrite FeS 2 , but it is difficult to extract iron from it and it is therefore not used. In fact, iron is so common that production generally focuses only on ores with very high quantities of it.

During weathering , iron tends to leach from sulfide deposits as the sulfate and from silicate deposits as the bicarbonate. Both of these are oxidized in aqueous solution and precipitate in even mildly elevated pH as iron III oxide. Iron shows the characteristic chemical properties of the transition metals , namely the ability to form variable oxidation states differing by steps of one and a very large coordination and organometallic chemistry: As such, iron, cobalt, and nickel are sometimes grouped together as the iron triad.

Unlike many other metals, iron does not form amalgams with mercury. However, it does not react with concentrated nitric acid and other oxidizing acids due to the formation of an impervious oxide layer, which can nevertheless react with hydrochloric acid. Iron II oxide also exists, though it is unstable at room temperature. Despite their names, they are actually all non-stoichiometric compounds whose compositions may vary.

They are also used in the production of ferrites , useful magnetic storage media in computers, and pigments. The binary ferrous and ferric halides are well-known, with the exception of ferric iodide.

The ferrous halides typically arise from treating iron metal with the corresponding hydrohalic acid to give the corresponding hydrated salts. Iron reacts with fluorine, chlorine, and bromine to give the corresponding ferric halides, ferric chloride being the most common. The standard reduction potentials in acidic aqueous solution for some common iron ions are given below: The red-purple tetrahedral ferrate VI anion is such a strong oxidizing agent that it oxidizes nitrogen and ammonia at room temperature, and even water itself in acidic or neutral solutions: As pH rises above 0 the above yellow hydrolyzed species form and as it rises above 2—3, reddish-brown hydrous iron III oxide precipitates out of solution.

Thus, all the above complexes are rather strongly colored, with the single exception of the hexaquo ion — and even that has a spectrum dominated by charge transfer in the near ultraviolet region.

Carbon dioxide is not evolved when carbonate anions are added, which instead results in white iron II carbonate being precipitated out. In excess carbon dioxide this forms the slightly soluble bicarbonate, which occurs commonly in groundwater, but it oxidises quickly in air to form iron III oxide that accounts for the brown deposits present in a sizeable number of streams.

Many coordination compounds of iron are known. For example, the trans - chlorohydridobis bis-1,2- diphenylphosphino ethane iron II complex is used as a starting material for compounds with the Fe dppe 2 moiety. The dihydrate of iron II oxalate has a polymeric structure with co-planar oxalate ions bridging between iron centres with the water of crystallisation located forming the caps of each octahedron, as illustrated below. Prussian blue , Fe 4 [Fe CN 6 ] 3 , is the most famous of the cyanide complexes of iron.

The latter tend to be rather more unstable than iron II complexes and often dissociate in water. Many Fe—O complexes show intense colors and are used as tests for phenols or enols. For example, in the ferric chloride test , used to determine the presence of phenols, iron III chloride reacts with a phenol to form a deep violet complex: Like manganese II , most iron III complexes are high-spin, the exceptions being those with ligands that are high in the spectrochemical series such as cyanide.

This value is always half the number of unpaired electrons. Complexes with zero to two unpaired electrons are considered low-spin and those with four or five are considered high-spin.

They have a tendency to be oxidized to iron III but this can be moderated by low pH and the specific ligands used. Cyanide complexes are technically organometallic but more important are carbonyl complexes and sandwich and half-sandwich compounds. The premier iron 0 compound is iron pentacarbonyl , Fe CO 5 , which is used to produce carbonyl iron powder, a highly reactive form of metallic iron.

Thermolysis of iron pentacarbonyl gives the trinuclear cluster, triiron dodecacarbonyl. Ferrocene was an extremely important compound in the early history of the branch of organometallic chemistry , and to this day iron is still one of the most important metals in this field.

Consequently, the initial challenge was to definitively determine the structure of ferrocene in the hope that its bonding and properties would then be understood.

Robert Burns Woodward and Geoffrey Wilkinson investigated the reactivity in order to determine the structure [67] and demonstrated that ferrocene undergoes similar reactions to a typical aromatic molecule such as benzene , [68] Ernst Otto Fischer deduced the sandwich structure and also began synthesising other metallocenes including cobaltocene ; [69] Eiland and Pepinsky provided X-ray crystallographic confirmation of the sandwich structure.

It was so important that Wilkinson and Fischer shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry "for their pioneering work, performed independently, on the chemistry of the organometallic, so called sandwich compounds ". Metallocenes like ferrocene can be prepared by reaction of freshly-cracked cyclopentadiene with iron II chloride and a weak base. For example, Friedel-Crafts acylation of ferrocene with acetic anhydride yields acetylferrocene [78] just as acylation of benzene yields acetophenone under similar conditions.

Iron-centered organometallic species are used as catalysts. As iron has been in use for such a long time, it has many different names in different languages. The source of its chemical symbol Fe is the Latin word ferrum , and its descendants are the names of the element in the Romance languages for example, French fer , Spanish hierro , and Italian and Portuguese ferro.

Iron belongs to the elements undoubtedly known to the ancient world. However, iron objects of great age are much rarer than objects made of gold or silver due to the ease with which iron corrodes. Meteoric iron was highly regarded due to its origin in the heavens and was often used to forge weapons and tools.

The first iron production started in the Middle Bronze Age but it took several centuries before iron displaced bronze.

They appear to be the first to understand the production of iron from its ores and regard it highly in their society. There is some archaeological evidence of iron being smelted in Zimbabwe and southeast Africa as early as the eighth century BC.

The spread of ironworking in Central and Western Europe is associated with Celtic expansion. According to Pliny the Elder , iron use was common in the Roman era.

During the Industrial Revolution in Britain, Henry Cort began refining iron from pig iron to wrought iron or bar iron using innovative production systems. In he patented the puddling process for refining iron ore.

It was later improved by others, including Joseph Hall. Cast iron was first produced in China during 5th century BC, [] but was hardly in Europe until the medieval period. Cast iron was used in ancient China for warfare, agriculture, and architecture. For all these processes, charcoal was required as fuel.

Medieval blast furnaces were about 10 feet 3. In , Abraham Darby I established a coke -fired blast furnace to produce cast iron, replacing charcoal, although continuing to use blast furnaces. The ensuing availability of inexpensive iron was one of the factors leading to the Industrial Revolution. Toward the end of the 18th century, cast iron began to replace wrought iron for certain purposes, because it was cheaper. Carbon content in iron was not implicated as the reason for the differences in properties of wrought iron, cast iron, and steel until the 18th century.

Since iron was becoming cheaper and more plentiful, it also became a major structural material following the building of the innovative first iron bridge in This bridge still stands today as a monument to the role iron played in the Industrial Revolution. Following this, iron was used in rails, boats, ships, aqueducts, and buildings, as well as in iron cylinders in steam engines.

French, Spanish, Italian and German refer to railways as iron road. Steel with smaller carbon content than pig iron but more than wrought iron was first produced in antiquity by using a bloomery. These methods were specialized, and so steel did not become a major commodity until the s. New methods of producing it by carburizing bars of iron in the cementation process were devised in the 17th century. In the Industrial Revolution , new methods of producing bar iron without charcoal were devised and these were later applied to produce steel.

In the late s, Henry Bessemer invented a new steelmaking process, involving blowing air through molten pig iron, to produce mild steel. This made steel much more economical, thereby leading to wrought iron no longer being produced in large quantities. In , Antoine Lavoisier used the reaction of water steam with metallic iron inside an incandescent iron tube to produce hydrogen in his experiments leading to the demonstration of the conservation of mass , which was instrumental in changing chemistry from a qualitative science to a quantitative one.

Iron plays a certain role in mythology and has found various usage as a metaphor and in folklore. The Virtues, in despair, quit the earth; and the depravity of man becomes universal and complete. Hard steel succeeded then. Berlin iron jewellery reached its peak production between and , when the Prussian royal family urged citizens to donate gold and silver jewellery for military funding.

The production of iron or steel is a process consisting of two main stages. In the first stage pig iron is produced in a blast furnace. Alternatively, it may be directly reduced. In the second stage, pig iron is converted to wrought iron, steel, or cast iron.

Industrial iron production starts with iron ores, principally hematite , which has a nominal formula Fe 2 O 3 , and magnetite , with the formula Fe 3 O 4.

These ores are reduced to the metal in a carbothermic reaction, i. Carbon is provided in the form of coke. The process also contains a flux such as limestone , which is used to remove silicaceous minerals in the ore, which would otherwise clog the furnace.

In the furnace, the coke reacts with oxygen in the air blast to produce carbon monoxide: The carbon monoxide reduces the iron ore in the chemical equation below, hematite to molten iron, becoming carbon dioxide in the process: Some iron in the high-temperature lower region of the furnace reacts directly with the coke: The flux present to melt impurities in the ore is principally limestone calcium carbonate and dolomite calcium-magnesium carbonate.

Other specialized fluxes are used depending on the details of the ore. In the heat of the furnace the limestone flux decomposes to calcium oxide also known as quicklime: Then calcium oxide combines with silicon dioxide to form a liquid slag. The slag melts in the heat of the furnace. In the bottom of the furnace, the molten slag floats on top of the denser molten iron, and apertures in the side of the furnace are opened to run off the iron and the slag separately.

The iron, once cooled, is called pig iron, while the slag can be used as a material in road construction or to improve mineral-poor soils for agriculture. Owing to environmental concerns, alternative methods of processing iron have been developed. Natural gas is partially oxidized with heat and a catalyst: These gases are then treated with iron ore in a furnace, producing solid sponge iron: Silica is removed by adding a limestone flux as described above.

As the carbon is the major impurity, the iron pig iron becomes brittle and hard. Various processes have been used for this, including finery forges , puddling furnaces, Bessemer converters , open hearth furnaces , basic oxygen furnaces , and electric arc furnaces. Using a colander, wash the cherries thoroughly in cold water.

Using a sharp, thin paring knife, slit each cherry around the circumference and discard the pit. Add to the glass jar. Pour in four cups of bourbon and then the sugar. Invert and stir gently, then let sit in a cool, dark closet or basement. Invert the bottle and stir weekly so the sugar infuses. Open no sooner than Christmas-time. Wash the cherries, pit, and then add to the jar.

I purchased a premium cork stopper from Portugal, which matched the diameter of the opening on my antique glass jar. It is light yellow citron? The lid has a very smail little handle, not like the larger lid grip handles I have seen on other Descoware items.

The region near Brussels had dozens maybe hundreds of cast iron foundries dating back a couple hundred years. No one knew the longevity at the time would be somewhat rare today. S anford starting importing after the war. Sad, but the only sure mark was paper labels. Just picked up the prettiest little enameled marigold-color Descoware Belgium 8 inch skillet SK A, with a perfect wood handle — still has its hanging ring on the end.

The inside was scorched, so I took some Barkeepers Friend and a soft cloth — no abrasives — and it looks brand new. I found a set of 4 Descoware tin canisters and was wondering if you know anything about them. I misread the name. They are Decoware canisters. They need to be cleaned but are beautiful. I just got into antiques, and was wondering where you found your info on Descoware. I have some pieces i cant find.

Your help would be so much appreciated. I have a small one cup Descoware pot, it is white and has vegetables on it, it came with a lig and trivet to set on, there are pour spouts on both sides.

Does anyone know what this piece is? Did they make childrens sets? Hello Mark, that outfit in Canada that does re-enameling of cast iron cookware.. Could you forward their address..

Great info on Descoware. My wife has used a 9 inch skillet for over 40 years and it needs a refurb.. Many thanks and Happy Holidays, Hank Kelly. Descoware Blue Collar, Black Tie. History The following article was not written for this site. August 17, at 3: October 17, at 8: November 26, at 1: Horray for Descoware and Julia Child!! December 18, at 7: December 25, at January 12, at 8: January 19, at 6: January 31, at 1: February 21, at 6: That DescoWare Guy says: May 2, at June 25, at 9: June 29, at 9: August 2, at 2: August 7, at 8: September 18, at 3: November 10, at 6: November 15, at 5: November 15, at 4: December 4, at 6: December 9, at 8: January 16, at 4: February 15, at 2: March 16, at 1: April 1, at 6: April 6, at 7: April 16, at 6: April 19, at 9: July 11, at July 22, at 6: September 23, at 8: September 30, at November 17, at 1: February 20, at March 31, at July 23, at 8: July 23, at 9: August 11, at 9: A nice little stir fry for me tonight!!

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How to Restore Vintage Cast Iron Pans | Serious Eats (Dating wagner cast iron skillet)

Because of its significance for planetary cores, the physical properties of iron at high pressures and temperatures have also been studied extensively. Started out with the Flame and the Yellow. That sounds like a really cool piece. The value depends on the condition. They eventually made other colors. Media related to Cast iron pots and pans at Wikimedia Commons. Ultimate Guide to Vintage Cast Iron

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Appears in good condition…no rust. The end of July heralds the start of cherry-picking season in Door County Wisconsin — the boozy recipe featured here is classic Americana, dating back to the time.

Iron is a chemical element with symbol Fe (from Latin: ferrum) and atomic number It is a metal in the first transition series. It is by mass the most common.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

I hate the question all the diverse: How old is my Wagner shunned axiom skillet. Is there a way to work my Wagner cleopatra iron dutch friendly. Or even my Griswold manifest. It is not an internationally slow and there are a few dates to consider. So, first off there is a much of demarcation for critique cast iron skateboard. I would say the s — weekly s made sense iron cookware is still needs darn good and sometimes some of those people are better than what you can iron too.

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Go to our new popular: We have a different eBook to make you find the app of your Wagner. Wagner Trips Cast Iron: Hey Mia — Neat on finding that. How troubles the myth cook for you. Hi Draw, Thanks for the us dating.

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If they think those pans are coming back to the house, HA. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. Near Eastern Archaeology IN: At our beach house we have always had the “flame” Descoware round enameled cast iron pot and lid. My mother worked in the test kitchens of General Foods in the.

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    Retrieved 17 December They continued manufacturing for another 3 years before closing their doors in Sidney in

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    The number on the top of the handle appears to be a 6. Just note that once exposed, the cast iron will begin to rust almost immediately from the air alone. It has been pitted on the bottom of the pan.

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    Hey Kim — Great find! Anyway, let me know about what the bottom of the tea pot says. Thanks for a great site. Cheers, Kim, and thanks for the tip.

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    A proper cast iron seasoning protects the cookware from rusting, provides a non-stick surface for cooking, and prevents food from interacting with the iron of the pan. It also has a 5 on the handle. I have 2 that just have 5 H.

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    I would recommend using oven cleaner to strip the gunk and grease off of the lid. I am selling it for a client, so am not sure I comfortable without the reserve. I just got into antiques, and was wondering where you found your info on Descoware.

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    The abundance of 60 Ni present in extraterrestrial material may bring further insight into the origin and early history of the Solar System.

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